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Preserving old hides 

Beautiful Animal Rugs

From African to North American animals, novelties, and pillows, Shiloh Sharps Taxidermy offers full-service rugging for all kinds of animal hides and rugs. We are experts in old hide preservation, as well, and can help you keep family heirlooms in excellent condition. Come to us in Centennial, Colorado, for your new rug or to learn to preserve one that's been in your family.Type your paragraph here.



Count on us for rug repairs and preservation on both new and old animal hides. With us, you can save your memories using our unique skin preservation treatment that can add 20 extra years to the life of the rug. If you're having a new animal hide turned into a rug, we offer a range of border colors, as well as O-rings, head finishing, and ruffled borders.

We do a flat border on all are rugs unless you ask for full ruffle. We want all our customers to enjoy their rugs every time they see them in their trophy room, cabin, or home. Our turnaround time varies during the year, but we try to keep it around 7 to 9 weeks. If you need a rush order done, please add 30% more to the order and we will have it back to you in 6 weeks. Please call ahead for rush orders.

When you're ready to ship your order in, please remember to pack your contact information with the skin or animal we'll be working with. Remember to let us know there's a package on the way, and we'll let your know when we have it.Type your paragraph here.