Preserve your best catches with Shiloh Sharps Taxidermy. We offer both replica fish and skin mount fish, allowing you to show off accomplishments from your first catch to your biggest catch.

Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and Cold Water Fish

Real Head

Unlike their counter part (cold water) I am able to use the real head on warm water fish.  There is shrinkage in the head but that is all fixed during the rebuilding process.

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Actual fin from 24" Rainbow Trout.  Unfortunately from inbreeding in commercial hatcheries rainbows and other stocker trout exhibit fin deformites 

​Cast fin on Rainbow Trout.  This fin was cast from a real Trout by Shiloh Sharps Taxidermy, not a commercial cast

Open Gills

Warm water are fish are different from cold water.  The main difference are they show their gills.  Trout and other cold water fish do not show their gills.  Warm water fish such as Walleye, Bass (large, small) Perch, Pike,I etc will flair their gills.  I cast the gills from the fish and re-insert them, giving you life like action.  Open gills are an added custom feature of Shiloh Sharps Taxidermy.  See pricing for details.

Shiloh Sharps Taxidermy

Why Choose Shiloh Sharps For Your Fish Taxidermy

Hand carved Forms
​If you choose a skin mount, we measure your fish and carve our own bodies. We don't rely on commercial forms. This allows a certain amount of artistic license and makes each form truly unique. In addition, we can usually make your fish look better than when you caught it by reproducing and accentuating certain muscle structures and capturing the uniqueness of your catch.

Cast heads
​Cast fins when necessary
​We manufacture our own eyes
We cast our own heads on cold water fish, such as trout, to ensure a proper fit. There are never commercial replicated heads. We attempt to use the natural fins of each fish, but when necessary, we will cast fins from your fish when possible to keep their exact proportions. We also create our own eyes. In skin mount fish, we strive to avoid using any commercial parts to ensure the most unique, artistic, and beautiful results for your form. All these features make your skin mount a custom and unique work, and no two are exactly alike.​​