Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to serve you. Whatever your budget or your needs we are here to serve you and meet your needs.  We also have payment plans available.

I had Shiloh Sharps Taxidermy mount my first pheasant almost 2 years ago and was thrilled with the finished mount. So when I returned from a hunt with my second pheasant there was no doubt who I wanted to send my bird to.

​...... Dorothy Griffin

Fish Taxidermist

Jim Alden

We love the outdoors, nature, and People!

We hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the industry. Put us to the test, and you'll see.

Our Staff of Expert Taxidermist

Our staff well that is us, Jim and Connie, a collection of talented, dedicated professional taxidermist who combine a love of the outdoors, artistry, and people, with a desire to "Capture nature as it happens!" and others who want to achieve their highest level of memories we are here to serve you!

​Call or Email us anytime!  If you have questions and you want answers,  lets us know.  Our extensive staff of experts (US) are here to answer your questions at any time.  We love hunting and fishing and we want to here from you... 

It's always about you

Bird Taxidermist

Connie Alden

The highest integrity

​​We are living the dream, You make it happen.